For me, food and travel go hand-in-hand, not just hand-in-mouth. Getting to a place doesn’t end once you deboard the plane, train or automobile. But having a meal while on the road represents much more than sustenance. It’s an exploration, a social compact impossible to detach from context. In my immodest opinion, nothing says more about a place or a culture than what the locals eat, drink, cook, grow, brew and ferment. Food and travel are the most welcoming gateways to local cultures, traditions, histories, conflicts, economies, infrastructure, politics and, especially, people. The Road Well Eaten aims to be an open exploration of culture and all or some of the above topics, all seen through the skewed, biased and slightly scratched lenses of whatever I ate and wherever I’ve been.

On The Road Well Eaten you’ll see long-form essays/narratives and I’ll even put up some captioned photo galleries every once in awhile. Photo-enhancing apps are swell and all but thanks to rapid improvements in digital photography it’s much easier to deliver a decent photograph without any kind of photo rose-coloring. Other than some basic cropping, I think it better for the reader to see what I saw in the unedited and the raw.



George Awad